26 May 2011

NZ update - bank and school

We leave in three weeks' time!! So exciting.

Did I mention that our car insurance policy, which was costing around £50 a month, expired yesterday? And that they wouldn't extend it by two weeks, we'd have to take out a whole year? And that for short-term insurance, to cover one driver (me) for the next three weeks is going to cost us £120?? Total rip-off! But I can't be stuck without a car for the next few weeks with the kids off school and no toys, TV or anything! Thankfully a very kind friend has lent us a small TV and Gamecube so that should help keep them occupied. But I had to be able to at least go places, and run all the errands necessary to tie up loose ends here. So £120 it is. Ouch.

We have opened our NZ bank account and registered the kids at their new school.

I can't believe how expensive school uniform is over there - about £14 for a polo shirt with the school badge on!! They are £8 here - but I don't even buy the school ones, they are allowed to wear plain white ones and they cost about £4 for a pack of three! The sweatshirts are about £17 each - the school ones here are £8.75 for small ones and £11.75 for bigger - but again, I buy the plain ones which start at £3 each since they don't have to have the badge.

The plain navy school trousers are £25 a pair there! They are £6 a pair here so I'll be buying enough to cover the boys for the rest of primary school and posting over whatever won't fit into our suitcases. Unfortunately I can't do that with the polos and sweatshirts as I'll have to buy them from the school with the logo on. The shorts are £13 a pair over there - Tesco has them here for £5 for two pairs!

We'll get used to the things that are priced higher, and I'm sure there are things that are priced lower, but we also have to consider that Grant is taking a cut in salary, our rent is going to be higher than we've paid since we lived in London and we have to start from scratch saving for a deposit to buy a house one day. I've been flat broke before and I'm not looking forward to living like that again, but there are more important things in life than money. And with all of my different business ideas and plans to get a part-time job I'm sure we'll be fine. This move is still worth it.

[Update: Have just ordered 28 pairs of shorts and trousers (various sizes) from Tesco, didn't realise they were having 25% off sale - the lot cost me £87.75, free shipping. Am bargain queen. In NZ that would have bought me 7 pairs.)

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