15 May 2011


Miss M asked: "So, does that mean you're leaving the mattresses? Also, what about your clothes and personal items? Are you living out of suitcases for the next few weeks?"

We aren't taking the two mattresses we have here. They are very old and pretty much shot. (It's only been a few days but my back is hurting every day!) We knew this time would come so we hung onto them when we replaced them. We'll Freecycle them right before we leave.

We have very limited clothing and shoes, pretty much what will fit into suitcases. Ditto personal items. I packed and sent everything that we could live without for 3 months. For instance, I have a shoebox full of nail polish but I only kept 3 back and sent the rest. Gotta have pretty toes in sandal weather!

Not a question, but Leith remarked, "Nice to see you didn't ship the computer. You need something to keep you connected to the 21st century."

Heck yes!! We specially bought our Samsung Netbook for just this occasion. My cousin's husband also very kindly gave us a laptop. It's pretty much our only entertainment right now, not to mention contact with the outside world and tool for booking things like car hire.

Jamey asked, "Does the move seem more 'real' now??"

Yes it does! I can't believe it's only 36 more sleeps away! This is really happening - wheeeee! Aslo, eeeeek!!

She also remarked, "It must be a exciting time for you, but also quite sad in a lot of ways."

Indeed I have been very moody, up one minute and down the next. But I think I have already processed most of the sad parts, and will have them hit me in NZ once the honeymoon period is over. Right now I'm just mainly stressed - stressed with our living situation, with all the loose ends to wrap up (that, bless him, Grant is mainly dealing with), stressed at the prospect of the kids being off school for the last three weeks before we fly (they have a school break for 2 weeks and then were supposed to go back the week we leave) with no toys, Wii, Xbox, etc, and stressed about spending 25 hours on aeroplanes when we go! Not to mention having to borrow goodies to keep us afloat on the other side until our container is delivered.

But yes, we're excited too! We just want to get a move on, but can't. Pretty much the story of our last 19 months!!

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