24 June 2011

Another day in paradise

Er, you know yesterday at 4:30am when I mentioned I was going to have something to eat and then get some sleep? Well, Daniel and Noah both woke up and decided to have a bath.


They never went back to bed, nor did Grant, but I did. I got up at about 8:40 and once we were all ready we went to run some errands. The weather was chilly and rainy, but even so I was in short sleeves, a cardigan and a thin raincoat when outside. So not really cold, not like we're used to. If this is winter, we'll take it!

We first went to the library because Grant needed to do some photocopies. While we were there I got library cards for us - we can take out 35 books each, for 4 weeks. In Lancashire it was 20 books for 3 weeks.

After the library we went to the AA at the back of a photo store, to apply to get our driver's licences switched over. Grant had prepared everything we needed so it was a quick process.

Then we bought some pegs at the dollar store and dropped of the inventory checklist at the estate agent. Home for lunch, then Grant popped out to meet with his recruitment officer while the boys and I hung out at home.

Just after 3pm we met Nic at the kids' school so our boys could meet her kids. We got to look around a bit and met a couple of teachers including Noah's teacher, who seems lovely. She said she might seat him next to a little boy who has moved here from the UK about a term ago.

The boys were super tired and freaking out about starting school on Monday and acted up a bit as we went round the grocery store picking up a few things. It's kind of hard because Grant and I know they'll be fine but they don't know they'll be fine. I want to be sympathetic without enabling the worrying, but I also want to be low-key and casual about the whole deal without invalidating their concerns. Anyway, today they are feeling better about it and we have an appointment with the head teacher this morning. I figure the more exposure they get to the school before they start, the better - at least it won't be completely unknown.

After grocery shopping it was so nice to come home and cook a meal and eat together at the table. I made pasta with a chicken and tomato sauce and some salad and leftover bread rolls:


I enjoyed receiving a phone call from my friend Taryn. She lives in Auckland but I've known her for 29 years, since we started primary school together.

We were all exhausted and in bed by 8pm again. I woke up at 2 and was up for an hour, then lay unable to sleep for a while longer before finally getting back to sleep and waking up when Grant got up at 6:50am. The boys said they'd been awake in the night too. Grant woke a few times but didn't get up and was able to get back to sleep.

When I got up today I felt so rough and tired but felt better after having some fizzy vitamin C, breakfast and loads of water. As I mentioned, we're off to the school in a minute (we'll walk down, the weather is lovely again - light clouds and about 16 degrees) then we need to buy the boys' school uniform tops, then we plan on just chilling out at home today and the rest of the weekend.

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