8 July 2011


1) The weather here is insane, seriously. Today we have had: Rain. Cloud. Sunshine. Sunshine and rain at the same time. Gale force winds. Hail, blown sideways by the gale force winds. More sunshine. More cloud and rain. Rain blown sideways by the gale force winds. More hail. More sunshine. And that's just in the last three hours!!

2) We had parents' evening at the boys' school yesterday. They are both doing really well, settling in and making friends. We are very proud of them.

3) When I asked Daniel how he is doing with maths here, he said they hardly ever do maths but he is finding the work fine when they do it. His teacher informed us that actually they do maths every day! So funny that he's doing maths without even realising it.

4) Daniel said, "The kids here are insane!" He's not used to the exuberance and freedom that the children here display, I guess they seem wild to him. They are well behaved, just boisterous and energetic. But he's embracing the different culture and goes to school barefoot and in shorts just like they do and is willing to try anything new.

5) Noah likes to keep his blinds open at night so he can look at the stars while lying in bed.

6) I love to scatter the ends of bread loaves onto the deck outside the kitchen sliding doors. The little birds line up on the fence, watching me, and as soon as they are confident the coast is clear they all hop down and have a feast. There are more birds each time, maybe I should stop before they appear en masse and swarm the house! Will have to get a photo.

7) Even though it's winter there is so much more light here! It is wonderful.

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