10 August 2011

More busy-ness

I promise I'll post pics of the house soon! I've taken them already but haven't had a chance to edit and upload them. I've been cleaning today as we have an inspection tomorrow, plus Ruth dropped round in the morning and R came by in the afternoon.

In the meantime I am absolutely shocked and appalled at the rioting news. I've been following it on the BBC website and on TV and all I can say is that I'm glad we left and that Grant didn't have to deal with the rioters. And when I read things like this I just despair. Wonder why the perpetrators are so bold? Because they know there won't be consequences (as usual). And as usual the police are blamed for being ineffectual, meanwhile it's government that's to blame for not allowing them to use any type of weapons or more forceful tactics. Ugh, stop me now before I go into a full-force rant.

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