20 September 2011

What would you do?

Scenario: it's time for the boys to walk to school. They leave at the last minute to get there on time. Minutes after they have supposedly left they are back - Noah is dawdling and messing about and refusing to walk to school. He can only walk with Daniel, not on his own (as he can't be trusted) so Daniel is getting stressed as he's going to be late.

Do you:

a) drive them to school so that Daniel gets there on time and isn't late because of his brother; this teaches Noah that all he has to do is mess about and he gets a free ride

b) threaten Noah with punishment when he gets home if he doesn't leave immediately and make them walk even though they will definitely get to school late and Daniel will most likely have to drag his brother the whole way

c) quickly put some shoes on and walk with them, fighting with Noah the whole way; they will still both be late

d) other (please elaborate)

I'm not talking about punishment or consequences, I'm asking what you would do in the moment to ensure that Noah is physically getting to school.

I'll let you know later how I handled it. They are at school now and I'm at home feeling ugh about the whole thing and so sad for Daniel who, as usual, gets the short end of the stick due to his brother's bad behaviour :(

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