6 December 2011

Just paying the bills

Sony are showcasing their new FS100 camcorder. Here you can see a little teaser of just what the new Sony camcorder is capable of. This video demonstrates some of these techniques like; slow motion, depth of field and shooting in low light.

Sony are working with director Philip Bloom to create some short films, which showcase Sony's ethos of inspiration, creativity and practical insight.

All you videographers out there are encouraged to register to get some behind-the-scenes info on how these videos were made. Including:

- Interviews
- Web Q&A
- Webinars
- And a few challenges for those of you who are keen to get active.

Sony are also inviting those of you who register to submit your own Extra.Ordinary video content ideas and win the chance for this to be filmed either alongside Philip Bloom or for him to film and comment on the techniques he would apply to make your idea work –

Plus you get the chance to win an NEX -FS100EK camcorder!!!

Entries for this competition close on the 16th December, 2011

(If you chose to register you do not have to enter the competition).

This was a sponsored post, through eBuzzing.

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