13 January 2012

In which I wax lyrical about jam

I love making jam. It's magical how sparkling sugar and plump, juicy fruit ...


... react when boiled together as the sugar melts and bubbles and the fruit softens and collapses ...


... into glossy, sweet jam.


It's so beautiful in a clean glass jar, like pieces of fruit trapped in amber.


I've made strawberry jam, plum jam, peach jam, kiwifruit jam, rhubarb jam and others, but yesterday was my first try at making apricot jam. I was instantly transported by the scent to the kitchen of my childhood, as my mother spent hours making huge batches of apricot jam. There is no other smell quite like it. Thank you, Mommy, for happy memories and good food!

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1 comment:

  1. I make my mum's recipe for apricot jam every Christmas, it was her mum's recipe and just as you described, each time I am transported back to my childhood, the smell of those sweet apricots. Too delicious! One day I will inherit her jam making pot, big enough for a double batch. As much as I want that heirloom, the longer she keeps it, the better!


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