4 January 2012

Lemon Enrichment activity

In our church the women get together frequently (used to be once a month, now it is usually less often) for an evening (or morning) of mini classes, information, tutorials, learning - a time of gaining new skills and learning new things. It used to be called Homemaking, then it was called Home, Family and Personal Enrichment. Now it's just called Relief Society Meeting, which is confusing so as a rebel I still call it Enrichment. 'Cause that's what it is.

Anyhoo, a while ago I read a thread on a message board where LDS women were asked to share some ideas for Enrichment meetings and I mentioned that when I was in charge of it I'd done an evening all about lemons. I'd read the idea somewhere online and put together a lemon-themed meeting and it turned out to be a great success.

I posted that years ago and I still frequently get emailed asking to share the lemon stuff! I finally put it together in PDF form as one zipped download so here it is!

Please click on the picture below. A box will pop up asking if you want to Open or Save File - choose Save File and press OK. Select the location on your computer where you'd like to save to and then click Save. If it does not ask you to choose a location, it will likely save into a folder called My Downloads or similar - you will find it in there.


Click here to download the instructions for the activity and all information sheets needed (quiz, facts, history, recipes, invitations). Have fun - and please pop over to comment and let me know how it went for you if you do hold a lemon-themed meeting!

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