5 February 2012

Adding some personality to the kitchen, part 1

Our kitchen has taupe cabinets, beige walls, brown tiles and countertops which are a mix of those colours. It's great to have a neat, neutral kitchen (especially because we are renting) but I wanted to add some personality and colour.

One of the things I did was buy these magnetic frames (on sale for $3 each) for the fridge, and had two photos printed and found one of the boys when Noah was a baby and Daniel was 4 (SO CUTE!)


They were still looking a little dull so I covered them each with patterned paper for a pop of colour. I just used glue stick so it should be easy enough to remove the paper and change it if I want to switch things up in future.


I love it!


Check back tomorrow for another add-some-colour and customise-that-item post, then I'll do a full reveal post on Tuesday.

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