27 February 2012

Camp on the tramp

My super generous and kind friend Taryn passed her tents on to us since she no longer uses them. Super excited, Grant and the boys decided to camp out last night. Grant set the smaller tent up on the trampoline, which basically acted like a big sprung mattress.




It was all very cosy in there and they watched a movie on the laptop before falling asleep, while I enjoyed a quiet night and early bedtime in the house.

Unfortunately, although the boys fell asleep without a problem Grant was kept awake by the super-loud and enthusiastic cricket that lives under our front doorstep. He brought the boys into the house and came to bed at about midnight because he couldn't fall asleep in the tent.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and I'm sure we'll enjoy some fabulous camping experiences in the future. Thank you, Taryn, for your gift!!

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