13 February 2012

Organising food for a party

Recently we had a family get-together and there was a lot of food to arrange. I tend to get confused with jotted lists with added notes to I got all geek and made this list to print and put on the fridge:


Where a name appears it means that that family is bringing that dish. The other three tick columns are for my reference.

Column one labeled "In" gets checked once I have bought all of the ingredients (or bought that item, if it's pre-prepared).

Column two labeled "Ready" gets checked once I have made the item and it has been stored in the fridge or pantry, ready to put out on serving platters, or already in a serving bowl.

Column three labeled "Out" is checked once the dish is put out on the buffet, so nothing gets forgotten in the back of the fridge.

It worked for me! And it's okay, I don't mind being called a geek - my friend Laura calls me that often enough that it's a term of endearment.

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