3 April 2012

Your questions answered 2

Sarah asked, "Has your amazing cup caking ability become a home business? I have been making cupcakes for friends for a while now and would love to hear more about your supplies, ideas and plans."

The answer to that is that it's in the pipeline. Here in NZ you are not allowed to sell food baked in your home, you have to bake out of a commercial kitchen, which I am in the process of arranging.

Although I have been baking a lot, it is mainly for friends or as part of marketing opportunities, such as prize donations. I have had one full paying order, and hopefully more in the future!

My supplies: I plan to do a full blog post on this!

My ideas and plans: once I have arranged access to a commercial kitchen I will be truly ready for any orders that come in. This year an amendment to the food bill is due to pass, which would allow cottage industries more leeway, especially low-risk food such as cakes, and hopefully I can just operate out of my home.

Katie asked, "How did you decide to get into baking for business?"

My desire to sell my baking arises partly from the need to contribute to our family's finances and partly because I love doing it and it would be nice to have my hobby funded!

"How have you built up your baking business so quickly after a move?"

It may look like I have lots of orders but that doesn't mean they are paying orders! Hopefully in time all of the cupcakes I post will be fully paid for by clients but for now it's been a lot of discounts, gifts and donations to get a bit of visibility and word of mouth going.

"How do you create such beautiful homes on reasonable budgets?"

With a lof of inspiration from blogs and the internet and out of pure necessity! A beautiful home is important to me and since I don't have a lot of money (husband having a career change and / or emigrating every 5 years will set you back financially in life!) I will still find a way to make it happen. It's possible!

"How do you not live in MN where we can be closer?"

Well, just move closer to me, that would solve the problem!

Stephanie asked, " Do you have a recipe to make the fondant or do you buy it from somewhere?"

I don't make my own fondant, I use either plain white fondant that I buy from the grocery store and colour it myself, or buy ready-coloured fondant from cake supply stores online.

Jude asked, "What piping tube do you use to do the butter cream toping on your cupcakes?"

Click here to see photos and video of cupcake piping (including which tips I use).

"I'd love to know how your job is going, too?"

It's going great, thank you. I am enjoying it and turns out I am good at it too. Talking customers into buying shoes is easy - I've had years of practice in justifying my own shoe purchases to myself, so now I just apply it to them ;) And the funny thing is, I get a buzz when they buy shoes just like I get a buzz when I buy shoes. I swear I am probably more excited than they are when they pay off a lay-buy and get to take their goodies home!

The only down-side is that I am finding it a little stressful fitting everything I already had to do into 5 days instead of the 7 I had before. But I'm sure I'll get there.

"And very personal and I understand if you don't want to answer this one..... how is Noah doing?"

He is doing great, thank you! Grant and I were talking yesterday about how well he's doing with being obedient and helping out. He hasn't had a massive explosion in months. (Of course, now that I've written that we're probably in for a storm!)

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