23 June 2012

Dear shoe shopping customers

1) Please do not follow me into the stock room. Ever. I will be right back out with whatever you have asked for and you can talk to me then. There is no need to trail after me into the stock room asking for more things when I am already getting you some shoes or boots. Just be patient and wait until I come out with whatever you have asked for - I won't be long.

2) If you are taking your child shopping for school shoes he / she will almost certainly be wearing them to school with socks. Please bring socks with you for trying on purposes.

3) I understand popping in for some impulse shopping, but if you have actually planned on coming in to buy a particular pair of shoes or boots to go with a particular outfit, it helps to bring it with you / wear it. If you are buying boots to go over skinny jeans, wear your skinny jeans - don't stand there and wonder if they will zip up over skinny jeans. If you are buying shoes to go with your ball dress, bring your ball dress - don't stand there and wonder if they will match or be the right height. If you are buying boots to go with leggings and a tunic, wear leggings and a tunic - don't stand there and wonder if they will look right. If you are buying shoes that need to look good with a skirt, wear a skirt - don't stand there pulling your jeans up wondering if they will look okay with a skirt.

4) You do not need to apologise to me when asking for more items. It's my job to help you and I'm more than happy to! Another trip into the stock room really doesn't bother me so don't feel bad for asking. It's what I'm here to do.

5) But! Please don't come into the store and ask to try on 20 pairs of boots and shoes with no intention of buying any. Then you're just wasting both your and my time.

6) If you are buying shoes for your husband / child, it really really helps to bring them in with you to try the shoes on. No matter how much they hate shopping, they will hate uncomfortable shoes even more and you will be forced to come back in to make an exchange. Just drag them in the first time and be done with it.

7) A simple, "I've got it," or "May I?" or "I'll do that," would suffice before snatching the shoe horn out of my hand when I'm trying to help you.

8) If you are struggling to pull a boot on then maybe you need to either brace your foot on the floor and pull gently at the ankle, or give up. Yanking away with your nails digging into the top of the boot will just damage the leather and ruin a perfectly good pair of boots with huge scratch marks.

9) Please don't be embarrassed when asking to put an item on lay-by. It's perfectly okay. Not everyone is able to go out and buy shoes all the time without spreading the cost and it's nothing to be ashamed of - it's still better than putting it on credit.

10) Contrary to the little list above, I actually do really enjoy my job!! I have some wonderful customers and in general everyone is polite and friendly. There were just a few things that I apparently needed to get off my chest ;)

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