26 June 2012

Pins I've actually tried

I'm sure you've all heard of Pinterest by now, and probably love it as much as I do. And I'm sure, like me, you pin all sorts of wonderful and inspiring ideas ... and seldom actually do them.

But! I have actually tried some pins and I thought I'd share them here with you in this post and also in future posts. If you do a similar post on your own blog please link to it in the comments, I'd love to check it out!

As you know, I put an apron in a jar for this gift hamper. And there you were, thinking I was all original.

An adorable idea; you can see my version here.

I tried this idea when hanging my Christmas bauble wreath.

I made a similar organiser for our car, which you can see here.

Although the jar thing isn't new to me, I did like the idea of separating eye and face brushes and tried it for a while, but have since gone back to one jar with my most frequently used brushes all together.

Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I now freeze many of my goodies flat in ziplock bags as they stack so nicely.

You can see my version here.

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