24 June 2012

Some numbers

The number of times our dishwasher broke this week. The beauty of renting, however, means it's taken care of for us.

The number of emails I dealt with on Tuesday. (I'm not kidding, I kept a tally!) Now I need to try to keep on top of things.

The number of pounds I lost this week! Very happy. (That's 1.9kg. In one week.)

5 or 6
The number of nights I went to bed early this week. I can't get enough sleep in winter.

The average number of books I read a month. Would you guys like some book reviews? Or should I post a list each month of which books I've read and you can let me know which ones you want reviewed? Anyone ... anyone ... Beuller ... Beuller ...?

The number of days before we go out for our celebratory dinner as a family, to mark being in NZ for one year. I know it's almost a week after the actual date but we had to work around Grant's shifts and then we found out kids eat free on Tuesdays so that decided things ;) We literally never eat out so it's kind of a big treat for us.

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