26 July 2012

Pins I've actually tried

Time for another round of pins that I've actually tried!

I did this with our cables, although I didn't stack them neatly in a box, they all got thrown into the plastic tub they were in. I thought Grant could go through them and write on the cardboard tube what each cable was for. Turns out he doesn't know what half of them are for, which begs the question: then why are we keeping them? It's a mystery.

I use hooks on the side of the cabinet in my ensuite to store my hair dryer and straightener.

... and ...

You can see my version here. Noah still loves it and it still looks great.

I did this often ... until I realised that I really need to take the base off of my blender and rinse it separately or else mould grows under the seal. You're welcome for the visual. (This would work perfectly well for blenders with a jug that is all in one piece and not part of a mix-and-match type of set like I have.)

Here are my boys doing the sumo wrestling thing.

Noah loved this. I, however, did not love having to re-build the foil cars every 3.2 seconds.

This was okay, not amazing. Didn't last long.

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  1. My husband has one of those boxes of cords that I discovered when we moved. I kept trying to get him to clean it out and organize it, but he said you CAN'T get rid of any, because even if you don't know what it is now, you may realize it later when you end up needing it and then it will be too late.

    Furthermore, when I complained about the box of cords on Facebook, I discovered that most of my friends had husbands who ALSO had a box of cords stashed somewhere in the house. So it's a guy/hoarding thing.

  2. Oh my gosh! That blender cleaning idea is brilliant!!!! My husband makes protein shakes everyday and I HATE having to clean up that mess.

  3. haha! i've actually seen some of these pins on pinterest - some of them look interesting :)


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