15 July 2012


Sadly, I no longer work at Hannahs. I was there for only 4 months but in the end it just wasn't working for us. Giving up two days a week created a lot of pressure on the rest of the week, I seemed to always be scrambling for childcare, Grant's shifts all changed which meant I'd have to find more childcare on a Saturday (almost impossible), and it was all for very, very little money because of the way my wage affected our tax credits. It became a no-brainer and I gave in my notice.

I did really enjoy working there and will miss it but overall it feels like a huge relief and I'm so glad to get my weekends back! I haven't really had a day off since March.

Of course I had to treat myself to one last pair of shoes with the staff discount. I decided on these (called Bountiful) and I am so in love with them! At 5 inches they are my highest heels but I can still walk in them.


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  1. Really sorry to hear that but you need to do what is best for your family life, getting that work life balance is hard and sometimes something has to give. Love your last purchase! xxx

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've to give up your job, but as Karen has already said, getting the work/life balance right is not only difficult it is very important for everyone.
    5" heels!!!! Kudos to you! I JUST manage kitten heels.... anything higher and I'd break my ankles! :-D They are very pretty too.

  3. Those are HOT! Love 'em!


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