24 August 2012

Checking in

Thanks for your patience as I posted pictures of our visitors over the last couple of weeks. We had such a wonderful time. I would promise a return to my regular posts but I don't want to lie to you: We have just over a week before Grant's brother arrives to stay with us for 2 weeks, and Grant's parents arrive at the same time to stay for a month (but they have rented an apartment nearby).

Between now and then I have a newborn session to shoot, two organising clients who have booked 4 hour and 6 hour sessions respectively, our book club meeting that I'm hosting, plus all of my regular responsibilities and busy-ness.

A week after Grant's parents leave my dad arrives to stay with us for 6 weeks! Then it's Daniel's birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, New Year and then more friends coming to stay for 2 weeks.

I am still committed to having a blog post up for every day of this year, but I can't promise how in-depth they will be.

I also want to apologise for not being amazing with email - I'm so sorry if you have emailed me or commented and are still waiting for a reply - my inbox is kind of overwhelming. Please know that I appreciate every single comment and email I receive, I really do. I just can't reply to everyone even though it really bugs me that I can't. I hope you understand.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who reads my blog! You are awesome and have pretty hair.

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