29 August 2012

Frightful Grant

Grant startles easily when he is deep in thought. I literally just have to be present in my own home and he will get a fright - it's like he's forgotten he has a family and is shocked that there is someone else in the house!

Sometimes I set out to give him frights. We had been married a short while and one day I startled him while he was at the mirror. He later said, "Thanks for giving me a fright while I was looking in the mirror, because now I know why you do it!" He is funny when he startles - he even found himself amusing.

BUT this little video is made up of regular, I-was-just-standing-there scares. I didn't jump out at him, or put on any scary masks, or shout BOO or anything, I was just there! And before you go thinking I'm so mean, it was his idea for me to film his frights. So have a laugh on Grant - and thanks, babe, for being such a good sport!

(P.S. Di, you know this one's for you!)

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