3 August 2012

House tour

We have the house ready for an inspection so I thought I'd film a tour. This video is a quick one-take wonder. The house isn't staged at all, just clean and tidy. You might wonder why Daniel's shelves are empty, desk is bare, etc - it's because we're preparing his room as a guest room for friends who are arriving to stay with us soon (more on that to come.)

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

DIY Wall calendar
DIY Fire engine bed tent
DIY N road art
DIY headboard
DIY Nightstands
Closet tour
Ensuite tour (including makeup organisation)
Using the garage door as a drier
Kids' clothing bank
DIY Garage storage thingie

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  1. Thanks for sharing your house tour. I think that we are a little bit nosey and if we can get any tips for our own homes, that's great too.

  2. Really great to hear your voice, there's a woman behind the scenes after all hohoho

    Home is where the heart is! Love to see yours...


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