26 August 2012

Pins I've actually tried

I did this with an Angry Birds toy that Daniel likes and it worked a treat.

I did this on our computer desk and it worked perfectly.

I tried this out and it works! I forgot to show the boys though, I must remember to do that.

I thought this was an excellent idea and tried it out. However, for some reason my writing did not fully erase off our freezer door - oops!! I don't know if the surface wasn't right or what. (Yes, I did use a dry-erase marker!) I still like the idea but might try sticking a whiteboard to the freezer instead of writing on the actual door.

I made these for my car-mad Noah and he loved them.

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  1. alcohol based hand sanitizer and some rubbing will get it off the freezer.

    1. Thanks, was just going to try that after I read your suggestion but Grant said he got it off with methylated spirits.

  2. I love the idea with the little bulldog clip for chargers. We have one that is always falling off the desk.

    I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on in the picture with 2 hands... is it 2 bank notes paperclipped together? Why?

    1. If you follow the link she explains much better, but basically it's a little trick that you do by placing two paperclips onto a bank note in a certain way. When you pull the ends of the note the paperclips shoot off and end up joined together. It's pretty cool.


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