30 September 2012

2012 Books - September

The Next Thing on My List - Jill Smolinski

I really enjoyed this book and think it would make a good book club book.

A Small Part of History - Peggy Elliott

I did enjoy this book and found it interesting but it had a depressing end!

Walking in Light - Kelvin Cruickshank

This is the autobiography of a New Zealand's psychic / clairvoyant. Very interesting. I have since seen him in the TV series Sensing Murder (more of that in my monthly favourites!) and I find what he does absolutely fascinating.

A Sense of Belonging - Erica James

This book was nice enough but it just felt like it went on a bit long.

The Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs

This was our book club book. I felt like it went on and on and while I did mostly enjoy it I didn't love it. It felt a bit fragmented to me and had a very disappointing ending.

Cross Stitch - Diana Gabaldon

(Published as "Outlander" outside of the UK). This was my church book club book and is the first of the Outlander series. I've been meaning to read this series for ages. To my delight I found that this book is probably a book I read in my teens had have been thinking of now and then through the years, wondering what book it was. I loved it and can't wait to read more of the series! It was one of those books where I was eager to go to bed at night because I was looking forward to reading, and found ways to read bits throughout the day. Highly recommended.

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

I think this book was recommended by a friend or blogger - I can't remember, but it was on my "to read" list. An easy read, I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

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