26 September 2012

Pins I've actually tried

Tying the sliced apple together with a rubber band keeps air from getting to the cut surfaces and prevents the apple from browning. I tried this for Noah's lunch and it mostly worked but he informed me that he doesn't want apples in his lunch because they take too long to eat and waste precious play time! But overall, the idea mostly works.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Put foil into a bowl and pour the fat off food into it. When the fat solidifies, wrap in the foil and throw away. This works perfectly!

Slice toilet rolls to hold gift wrap. I tried this with a roll of parchment paper but the toilet roll was too loose and it didn't work too well. I prefer a rubber band. It would probably work with a really fat roll of gift wrap though.

The concave shape of a bowl amplifies your cellphone when playing music. I've used this little idea lots - it does work to give a slightly louder sound - it's not a whole lot louder but the sound is richer. Try it!

Use plastic to make cord winders. I tried this with plastic from an empty milk bottle and it does work but it's such a faff to wind the cords that I don't really use it.

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