3 October 2012

The house situation

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive about the pickle we've found ourselves in. I thought I'd address some questions and comments I've had about the house situation.

"Isn't there ANY way you could put in an offer?"
No, sadly there really isn't. The house is on the market for $459,000. The banks require at least 5% deposit and we just don't have $23k lying around. Plus, if we got a mortgage where the repayments were the same as what we're paying in rent (we can't afford to pay more), it would only be a $200,000 mortgage, which isn't nearly enough. Then add on top of that rates, building insurance and life insurance on the mortgage and it is just way out of our budget.

"You could always do what "they" do on TV and sabotage the viewings? (Just joking - I know you wouldn't do that any more than I would... tempting though it might be.) "
You're not the first person to suggest it! But on the chance that it is an investor coming to view, with the intention of buying and keeping us on as tenants, it is in our best interest to present the house well as it reflects on us. Besides, I have too much pride to leave the house messy!

"Wow, I cannot believe that your landlord did not give you any more notice than that."
You and me both! It was a phone call out of the blue saying, "Hey, the house is on the market, I need to come around and drop off a letter about it," and he was there within 20 minutes. The agent sat there, all cheerful and chatty, meanwhile we were feeling shell shocked. His whole manner was totally insensitive.

"You will just have a ball fixing up another house."
Well, in so far as we are able to as renters. I am not averse to moving, heaven knows we do it every five minutes! But we just weren't ready emotionally or financially to make a move. And of course there's not much we can do in terms of decorating if we're just renting.

"But I'm sure everything will turn out fine; I'm a great believer in things are meant to be, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time."
I'm a believer of that too. After my emotional overreaction on Friday I've since calmed right down and am okay with it. We have a Plan A that we are looking into and if that doesn't work them we will sit tight and wait and see if an investor buys. If not, and we have to move, I trust that God will provide a house for us. Either way, the only thing that will change is our address, and that's really nothing to get worked up about.

In the meantime can I just say how fed up I am with viewings every single day?? We get 24 hours' notice and have to tidy up and leave the house when the viewing is happening. It's getting really old really fast. But at least our house is looking fabulous - contrary to what some of you think, it's not normally this tidy for this many days in a row!

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