10 November 2012

I'm back

Did you miss me? No? That's because I scheduled posts to publish while we moved. ;)

We moved to our new house on Tuesday. I've finished unpacking and sorting out the whole house already! The garage is not "final reveal" finished but is organised and tidy. We have an under-the-house storage area that we call The Dungeon which has a bunch of stuff stashed in it - accessible but not perfectly organised. But I'm quiet proud of all we've accomplished in 3 days. I've even hung pictures, mirrors and clocks. Honestly, this move has been so easy compared to some we've done in the past.

We love the house. I honestly didn't expect to like it nearly as much as we do. It is quite dated and I thought the old-fashioned finishes and fixtures would irritate me, but they have a vintage charm and there is such a sweet feeling to the house. We have the most amazing views all around, from every angle, and have been enjoying beautiful sunsets every evening. Life is good.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention - the house we've just moved from has just sold. All's well that ends well.

(I'm sorry, I tried to post pictures but Photobucket seems to be down. I'll try again tomorrow.)

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  1. It's that age old saying 'things happen for a reason' I'm so pleased the move went well, you sound settled already :D Can't wait to see pics! xxx

  2. Glad the move went well and hope you get to be happy there.

  3. Pleased everything has gone well. Looking forward to photographs - hopefully some of the glorious sunset you are getting? :-) Jude.x

  4. Yay!!!! That is wonderful. Happy to hear everything is going well. Loved reading your packing posts! Thank you... Will be reading them in a year or so as we pack up to move...
    Happy weekending! :)

  5. WOW !! Pleased that everything went well.I know a move can be hectic because I have moved so many times across the globe right from my childhood.. Would try and follow your tips in my future moves :)I enjoyed reading your posts ... Thanks for these posts even when you are so busy.. Hope everything goes well in your new home:)

  6. I enjoyed your moving posts even though I hope I never have to move again in my life. Glad to hear the move is behind you now and that you like where you moved. Can't wait for pictures

  7. And when you said 'we moved home' does that mean you left New Zealand?

  8. I need photos! You didn't move to England did you!?! I'm with Paula above... a little confused.

    Whatever the case so glad it wasn't stressful. I love to see how you decorate, you do such a good job!


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