8 December 2012

Colourful labels

Notice anything different in the playroom?


Yup, I added labels to all of the drawers.


I got wooden tongue-depressors (basically wider popsicle sticks) from the dollar store and painted them with acrylic paint that I already had. Then I used my label maker to add labels.


Why didn't I just use my label maker labels directly on the drawers? Well, besides being much cuter on the colourful sticks, they are more easily changed or removed. I stuck the sticks to the drawers with small dots of hot glue so they can just be pulled off without damaging the drawers. If I want to change the label, the paper label strip peels off the painted sticks much more easily than they would off the smooth drawer fronts.


I also labeled the built-in drawes; these sticks are stuck on with one tiny dot of hot glue so they should be easily removed without any damage.


Anything to make it easier for my boys to stay neat and tidy! And it helps when we have guests too - the kids know what's in each drawer and can help tidy up too.

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  1. I love it Jen. You know me, I like all toys in the right place and used to have labels on the girls toy draws until the learnt where everything goes. Makes my life easier - neat and tidy!! X

  2. I know this post is a couple years old, but I'm wondering if you ever tried to remove the sticks from the wooden dresser and if they caused any damage? Trying to figure out how to label drawers on a shared dresser for my boys who can never remember which drawers are theirs.

    1. Hi Rachel
      The labels did in fact all fall off one by one! They got knocked off. They did not leave any damage at all, you can't tell they were on. In future I'll stick labels on with poster putty as I think it will hold better and be easier to replace the labels if they do get knocked off.


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