12 December 2012

Using trays to group items for organising

If there are two ore more items standing together on a surface then I like to place them on a tray, plate or shallow basket. I think it helps make the items look neater, plus it's easier to move and clean around one item (the tray) than a bunch of items.

When thrift-store shopping I am always on the lookout for little trays, baskets and plates because they are so useful.

This post is kind of hard to illustrate as the effect is more pronounced in real life than in photos, but here are some examples:

Grant's odds and ends on a shelf in the passageway:


Oil, salt and pepper next to the stove:


Noah's asthma inhalers and spacer:


Pen caddy and tealight holder with memory cards on the desk:


Remote controls on the coffee table:


Washing powder and pegs in the laundry room:


Do you do the same? What do you corral on your trays? I'd love to know!

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  1. Jen, what a great idea! I think you are right. As a collective on a tray, they don't seem so cluttered. This will be my next goal. Thank you. Happy holidays!!!

  2. Jen,

    I have just corraled my TV remotes....my perfume collection....my washing powder and pre-wash spray....my salt/pepper and cooking spray....my make-up....Husband's sunglasses, keys & wallett....teenage daughters ipod's, cords and earphones.....my handcreams/oils beside my bed....and the list is endless. I have had to stop as I have run out of trays. I must pop into the local Salvo OP shop to stock up on more!

    Let the fun contine....



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