10 December 2012

What I wore

Errands and get-together at R's house for her daughter's birthday.


Skirt: made by me
T-shirt: Matalan
Cardigan: eBay
Sandals: Hannahs (staff discount)
Bracelet: gift from a friend
Earrings: part of a set from Matalan
Necklace: bails from eBay embossed by me; chain from Etsy

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  1. I love your style...it is simple yet classy. I have a skirt which is similar but it is black/white print...and i love it and wear it everywhere too!
    It is also really noticeable that your are looking rather svelte! (I love this word... :-))

    I also love the fact that you take the time and make the effort with your appearance..(you are running errands but you look absolutely stunning!)

    You are just amazingly inspiring all round!
    I better be careful...I am about to become your biggest fan!

    1. Thank you, you are very sweet :) I promise I do not look pulled-together all the time, hence the scarcity of my outfit posts ;) But I do feel better when I make an effort.

  2. I really love that skirt! It looks so comfortable and versatile! If I knew how to sew I would make myself one, but for now I will have to enjoy seeing yours and watch for one in a store :)

    1. It is super comfy and I promise it was easy to sew - just straight lines. I am planning on doing a tutorial when I make another one.


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