29 January 2013


I kind of went back and forth on posting about this, but in the end I've decided to mention it here because this is supposed to be kind of like a diary. I don't know why I feel a little embarrassed about it - it is what it is and I can't help it.

For the past little while I have been feeling more and more tired and run down, weak, and foggy brained. I eventually went to the doctor for some blood tests when I became so fatigued that I couldn't actually function normally. The doctor said she'd run the tests but actually thinks they will come back clear - she has diagnosed me with exhaustion (hey, like a celebrity! Except in my case it doesn't mean I'm actually in rehab.)

I guess the past 2-3 years have thrown enough at me that my body has reached its limits. I don't know why I feel embarrassed about it ... I mean, I have been dealing with a lot:
  • trying to sell two houses in a dead market (in the end selling one and renting the other out)
  • all of the stress of getting our residency visas
  • moving to the other side of the world and all of the loss and stress that entails
  • being on my own for 4.5 months while Grant was in Wellington shortly after immigrating to NZ
  • taking on (and later quitting) a part time job on top of working on 3 business and 2 blogs
  • church responsibilities
  • having 3 months of houseguests
  • being forced to move house
  • kids on 7 week summer holiday, Christmas and more guests
So I guess I am just running on empty at the moment. My doctor did say that two of the things that take the most toll on the body are pregnancy and emigration (who knew?) She has prescribed lots and lots of rest, no more than half an hour gentle walking as far as exercise goes, and sleep. *Sigh* It's so frustrating to not be able to do the things I am used to, and to feel so useless.

I guess one of the reasons I wanted to mention it on here is that I have a whole list of blog posts I am excited about, but no energy to actually get them done. Please bear with me - I will do my best to keep providing quality content but can't promise the same pace as I've kept in the past.

I'll get there eventually!!


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