25 January 2013

Two favourite kitchen tools

Two of my favourite kitchen tools are my pizza wheel and my scissors.

The pizza wheel I have is nothing fancy, just an inexpensive one. The scissors are from Ikea - they do sets of three (two small and one large) for next to nothing and I stocked up when still in the UK.

I use these cutting tools probably as often as I use my knives because sometimes they just work better! If you have young children who need their food cut up for them you need a pizza wheel and scissors.

Pizza wheel


  • Use it to cut toast before putting your baked beans and grated cheese on top. Then just grab a fork and go for it, no knife needed.
  • Great for dicing thick slices of ham.
  • Cut up your pancakes before drizzling syrup over.
  • Slice through quesadillas with no fuss.
  • Go back and forth with your pizza wheel over herbs on a cutting board to cut them up.
  • Roll over slices of cheese to dice it up.

  • Dice bread for croutons or to feed the ducks.
  • Slice pizza with scissors to avoid scratching your pans - and easily get right to the edge too.
  • Cut up waffles - I cut mine into quarters before freezing as they fit into the toaster better that way.
  • Put fresh herbs into a little cup and snip them up with scissors.
  • Cut toast into strips or quarters.
  • Scissors are perfect for dicing bacon (cooked or uncooked).
  • Snip up your cooked chicken for sandwiches, soup or salads.
  • Cut up spring onions (green onions / scallions) or chives with scissors.
Do you use scissors in the kitchen? Do you use your pizza wheel for anything other than pizza?

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