15 January 2013

Your turn

My kids are still on summer break so I don't have a whole lot of uninterrupted time at the moment. I do have a whole list of blog posts I want to do, but would also love to hear from you: what kind of blog posts would you like to see here? Do you have any burning questions that you would like answered? Advice on organising anything in particular? Feel free to leave your questions or requests in the comment section and I'll do my best to answer them.

And because no post is complete without some photos, here are a few of orchids that I took in November.




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  1. I like the posts with pictures of your home and surrounding areas, cheap solutions to common problems around the home, and what you wore.

  2. Hi Jen,

    My favs....In no particular order,

    "what I wore...." blogs.
    DIY projects
    How to organise...almost anything!
    Your Housework routine
    "What I ate today..."
    Healthy recipes
    Budgeting ideas for the family household
    "How you get you hair sitting so stylishly"
    How to Paint toenails...fingernails"
    Household tips to streamline routines etc.

    I am a fan...so I will read almost anything you post!

    Enjoy the holidays with your boys!

    Lisa x

  3. Do you have any organizing suggestions on children's artwork. My daughter is 5 and (I know I am partial) but can draw much better than her age group, which leaves me with an endless amount of drawings. They are all just SO good! hee hee. I have an app that you can take photos and categorize them, but I just don't get around to doing that. And I want the REAL drawing. Not some photo of it. Any suggestions. And maybe to go along with that organizing an art space? We got her, her own desk and I have compartments for all the markers, but I need more ideas for everything else that makes it easily accessible and out so she can see it and use it. Out of site out of mind.


  4. I wanted to ask, out of all the 77 books you read in 2012, which was you favourite? why? Love the blog as always x


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