1 February 2013


Thanks so much to everyone who sent me kind messages of support. My blood test results have come back - everything was normal except for TSH (thyroid) which was 8 (normal is 0.32-5.9) indicating a little hypothyroidism. Doc wants to do nothing for now but recheck in 3-6 months. Ferritin (stored iron) was 36 (normal being 24-336) so within normal range but on the low side so I'll be taking iron supplements.

I'm off to see an iridologist / homeopath today so we'll see if she can help me feel better at all. I've had adrenal fatigue in the past (and suspect that's what I have now) and an iridologist / homeopath was tremendously helpful so I'm hopeful.

In the meantime, thank you so much for your kindness, support, prayers and patience. I am so grateful.

Yellow pops

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