10 March 2013

Best book

Remember when I asked you guys to ask me questions and I would answer them? It's okay if you don't - it was a long time ago. I do still have the questions and do still plan to answer them, I promise. Here's one of them:

Rebecca (my friend in England who blogs here and here) asked, "Out of all the 77 books you read in 2012, which was you favourite? Why?"

Hands down, without a question, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I just love them so much. I love all of the characters. I love the style of writing. I love the historical, medical and domestic details. The books are sometimes sad enough to make you cry, and sometimes funny enough to make you laugh out loud. Sometimes so tender and sweet and sometimes so brutally shocking as they describe the life of those times as experienced by the characters that you are so intimately involved with. The story just sweeps you along. I can't get enough.

I've started purchasing the books for my own collection as I know I'll re-read them many times over.

By the way, Rebecca has since started reading them - here is her first review.

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