30 March 2013

Bigger chicken run

Although the chickens seemed quite happy in their run under the trampoline we wanted them to have a bigger run. We felt they needed more space to roam and room to test their wings and we really wanted to be able to get in there with them.

We wanted to make something that didn't cost much and that was temporary as we're renting. So Grant built this:

 photo biggerchickenrun03_zps2870bd39.jpg

He used the poles that used to hold up the trampoline safety net and strung nylon rope through the holes at the top. Then he tied bird netting over with zip ties. He made a gate out of pallet wood and bird netting.

 photo biggerchickenrun02_zpse07db6a3.jpg

You can see how much more space they have compared to the trampoline:

 photo biggerchickenrun04_zps2cad169c.jpg

It's been perfect. They have more room to roam around and we love being able to get into their space with them.

We also let them free range outside the run pretty much every day. They absolutely love it! It's so fun to watch them foraging and exploring. They're usually pretty good about going back in their run, except sometimes they get a bit cheeky if they're not ready to go back in, and they'll lead us on a merry chase.

The other day I looked out the window and saw them all sleeping at the gate, waiting for their adventure (the white thing next to them is a little step-stool that we sit on, upside down):

 photo chickenswaitingtogoout_zpsd6a15978.jpg

I am so glad we got the chickens. It's actually embarrassing how much I love these silly birds.

 photo biggerchickenrun06_zpsffe2cd8e.jpg

And the funny thing is that we are enjoying them so much as pets that we sometimes forget that we'll eventually get eggs out of them too! Probably around the end of next month.

 photo biggerchickenrun07_zpse3f33428.jpg

They have so much personality and character. Marble, the only Barnevelder, rules the roost and has right from the start. She adores Daniel and follows him around. It's sweet to watch her if a few of us go out at the same time - she runs over and scans the crowd to find him.

 photo biggerchickenrun09_zpsae62a455.jpg

Doris still doesn't have her tail feathers so she looks a little funny.

 photo biggerchickenrun08_zps10b905f1.jpg

I do love a fluffy chicken bum!

 photo biggerchickenrun05_zps51886ae4.jpg

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