7 March 2013


Did you know that my middle name is Dawn? Now you do!

Lately I've discovered that I get up and open my curtains around about the time that the sun rises. I've taken to leaving my camera in my room to capture the beauty when. Here are some sunrises from the last week or two.

 photo dawn02_zps9b454f58.jpg

 photo sunrise001_zpsc2c3b683.jpg

 photo dawn00_zpsef0a0c6f.jpg

 photo dawn01_zps1f55410d.jpg

 photo sunrise002_zpse130765b.jpg

 photo dawn06_zps631df32b.jpg

 photo dawn04_zpsb2a0dff0.jpg

 photo dawn07_zpsfe4c4fa8.jpg

 photo dawn03_zps0700312f.jpg

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  1. Beautiful Jen. I'm able to capture the sunset just as I'm getting home from work. It sets right in front of my window :)

    1. It's like a gift, isn't it? We have beautiful sunsets at the front of our house, but a tree and power line make it difficult to capture the beauty in a photo.

  2. Oh Jen they are gorgeous! Blessed and fortunate you to have the name Dawn and to see the sunrises from your home!

  3. I love how each one is so different but alike... so beautiful! Gods mercies are new every morning:)

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for enjoying them with me :)


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