17 March 2013

Noah's 8th birthday

Noah turned 8 years old yesterday.

 photo noah8thbirthday02_zpsd765aa00.jpg

We started the day with some presents:

 photo noah8thbirthday01_zps2b804877.jpg

Then he chose breakfast at Carl's Jr for his birthday meal. We brought the food back home to eat so Grant could eat quickly and go straight to sleep as he'd been on night shift.

For lunch he chose toasted bean and cheese sandwiches, and then it was time for his birthday cake - he wanted cheesecake! He actually wanted green cheesecake but I forgot to colour it (he didn't mind).

 photo noah8thbirthday04_zps0c4f6b71.jpg

In the late afternoon he was baptised (in our church children are baptised at 8, when they are old enough to be accountable for their choices). He is so funny, he didn't want anyone else to be there so it was just a family affair (with appropriate witnesses, of course).

He chose pasta with red sauce for dinner, and we had trifle for dessert.

 photo noah8thbirthday05_zpseb5ce7d8.jpg

Happy birthday, Noah!

 photo noah8thbirthday03_zps2d1dd2e4.jpg

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