12 March 2013

Weekend away

This past weekend we had our first weekend away since coming to New Zealand. We went with my friend Puala and her family to a bach in Whitianga, about 2 hours drive away.

Going away to a bach is a typical NZ tradition. A bach is a holiday house at the beach, usually pretty basic. We found out that someone Grant works with has one in Whitianga and rents it out at a bargain price. It was the perfect place for our two families, and close enough that you could see the beach from the balcony and, of course, walk to the beach.

We left right after picking up the kids from school and got back Sunday afternoon. A fabulous time was had by all and we'll definitely do it again sometime.

 photo whitiangaweekend01_zps71045162.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend02_zpsa89b4e47.jpg

The view from the balcony:

 photo whitiangaweekend03_zps4b10cccc.jpg

Swimming in the ocean at 9:30 in the morning. Usually when we are at the beach the sun is at this angle over the water in the evening, because we're normally on the west coast. It was weird to be on the east coast and to have the sun at this angle in the morning.

 photo whitiangaweekend04_zpscdcb41b9.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend05_zpsac964296.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend06_zps4c91f0c1.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend07_zpsff9f29cf.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend08_zps04a3823e.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend09_zps7838f20b.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend10_zps265032bf.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend11_zpsf1a20d2d.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend12_zpsbe94014f.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend13_zps6ba06028.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend14_zps48e740d8.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend15_zps577c680f.jpg

 photo whitiangaweekend16_zpsb58ce5c9.jpg

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