13 April 2013

Adapted chicken run

Grant had to adapt the chicken run to create an overhang at the top with pieces of wood and the excess netting (it used to be doubled over).

 photo adaptedchickenrun_zpsdc31f521.jpg

Why? Because the intrepid Doris (who is the biggest chicken, ironically) constantly kept flying over the top. She was shameless about it. She even did it when I was sitting in the run with them, as if she was showing me what she could do.

But, being a bird-brain, she would then spend all her time outside the run either sitting by the gate or pacing up and down next to the netting, desperate to get back in again! It never occurred to her to try flying back in again, or to make the most of her freedom and go exploring.

The overhang keeps her in now, but they are allowed out to free-range for hours pretty much every day and they absolutely love it. This is why we didn't want to clip Doris's wings - if they are free ranging and a dog runs in we wanted her to be able to fly to safety in a tree.

 photo chickensagain01_zps8696726a.jpg

 photo chickensagain03_zps32e9076d.jpg

 photo chickensagain02_zps81743fcb.jpg

Note the single brown feather on Kiki's side.

 photo chickensagain04_zps6891eedf.jpg

Doris has the longest neck and when she is curious about something she stretches it out like a giraffe, it's too funny. Here it is about half stretched - yes, it gets longer than this!

 photo chickensagain05_zps764b5338.jpg

While free-ranging they ended up under the trampoline for a while, silly birds.

 photo chickensagain06_zpsb7a75774.jpg

We are absolutely loving having chickens. We're on squat watch, checking to see which bird shows signs of doing the egg squat in preparation to start laying. How exciting that first egg will be! I have my money on either Marble or Doris. Only time will tell.

In the meantime we are just enjoying them as pets. Before having chickens I didn't know that they constantly make little sounds, like tiny soft little chirrups, squeaks and mutters. It's very soft and sweet and so nice to listen to.

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  1. Okay. You've made me want to have chickens now! I had no idea they had such personalities. And it sounds like you are really taking good care of them, making sure they have time and space to run every day, and that they are safe. I wonder what my husband would say if I told him we needed to start raising chickens? Ha ha. I'm excited to hear about that first egg. :)


    1. They are awesome - I think everyone should have chickens!

  2. I grew up with 20-30 chickens outside my bedroom window. I have always loved chickens. I remember that chicken sound. It was constant and just a part of my life. My friends would come over to visit and ask what that sound was.I got so used to it I didn't really notice it. Then I moved away from my parents home and my chicken friends were gone. I'll always have a soft spot for chickens! I'm glad you all are having fun with them.

    1. It's such a sweet sound :)

  3. We saw an ENORMOUS chicken on our travels today - my hubby commented that chicken's couldn't fly so I told him about your chicken escape bid - he thought it was really funny! If the chicken we saw today managed to fly though I'm sure it would be defying all sorts of the laws of science! Just read your post about not managing to post every day - don't worry about us, concentrate on your health its much more important. I recently had to make some life adjustments for health reasons (I had a year of being completely bed bound and now have to pace myself and I transitioned to working fulltime at home) so I KNOW how hard it is to accept not being able to do what you could before. my philosophy to cope (although my circumstances are a bit different since I don't have children) is to always make sure to do something special at the weekend, even if that just means a nice drive, a bit of shopping, something cultural, a movie or lunch out - depending on what I feel I can cope with. I've also become an avid fan of using Instagram to document silly little snippets of my day to remind me to find joy in the tiniest of things - I just posted a pic of a glass of wine that hubby brought me with a specially cut short straw so I can drink it while I have to have a lie down in bed. It means nothing to anyone else, but to me it means the world that in that little gesture he was thinking of me and wanting make things a bit easier for me. I guess the morale of what I'm saying is - downplay what you can't do and play up to the max what you can't do - oh and remember that even (I don't know how many!) thousands of miles away, what you're posting is touching people and bringing a smile or a laugh to their day :o). My best wishes Jen, Mags

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness Mags. xx

  4. We have chickens!
    7 girls and 1 rooster (he obviously won't be hanging around for too much longer)
    I LOVE my chickens


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