4 April 2013

Adding some style to a plain bookcase

We have an Ikea Billy bookcase in the living room (actually two together).

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter01_zpsc9143283.jpg

I was happy with the things on it, but it just needed a bit more pizazz.

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter02_zps3143d22b.jpg

The baskets in particular needed ... something.

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter03_zpse997dea8.jpg

I also needed to update the photos in a couple of frames. And yes, that's Grant's helmet from his UK job, and the shooting award he won at college over here.

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter04_zps0c2fc4cf.jpg

The first thing I did was replace the little wooden knobs ...

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter05_zpse6afb84b.jpg

... with brushed silver knobs from the dollar store.

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter10_zps7770e0e7.jpg

Then I painted the backs of the open shelves, updated a couple of photos, and made some rustic wooden labels for the baskets (tutorial coming).

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter07_zps8f66a716.jpg

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter09_zpsbd9c0c09.jpg

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter08_zps18dc0558.jpg

Ta-da! Much better and more interesting, don't you agree?

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter06_zpsc20b7555.jpg

And because we all love a good before-and-after:

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter11_zpsb48201f4.jpg

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter12_zpsd9534d8a.jpg

 photo bookcasebeforeandafter13_zpsa8660816.jpg

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