3 April 2013

Anyone for tennis?

Grant's family is a tennis-playing one. His dad coached tennis for years (in fact, Grant was born in Germany because his parents were over there while his dad coached) and both his parents and siblings play. So it was just a matter of time before he wanted the boys to learn.

Daniel doesn't enjoy it all that much and isn't very interested, but Noah is a natural and is keen to learn. These photos are from the second time he'd ever played. Luckily we can use the high school courts when shool is out so their coaching doesn't cost a thing.

 photo tennis11_zps7b619c1c.jpg

 photo tennis09_zps17c7b879.jpg

 photo tennis07_zpsd27f2a07.jpg

 photo tennis13_zps6640cc31.jpg

 photo tennis10_zps48c63e71.jpg

 photo tennis12_zps66694e86.jpg

 photo tennis14_zps72f4d6d0.jpg

 photo tennis01_zps6646b37f.jpg

 photo tennis05_zps8b1e9b80.jpg

 photo tennis06_zpsbd6445b5.jpg

 photo tennis08_zps5c4a1a7d.jpg

 photo tennis04_zpsdbdcaa3c.jpg

 photo tennis03_zps904707ea.jpg

 photo tennis02_zps0d357da1.jpg

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