10 April 2013

Cookie bars

What do you do when your children are begging for chocolate chip cookies and you are too tired to stand there scooping batches of them?

You make cookie bars.

Chocolate chip cookie bars

Just about any cookie recipe can be made into bars by pressing the dough into a shallow pan rather than forming individual cookies. You will have to bake it longer than regular cookies. The texture is lovely - a little bit chewy with a crispy top, mmmm.

Chocolate chip cookie bars

These cookie bars are my chocolate chip cookie recipe that is a firm favourite with my family. You can find the recipe in my recipe e-book if you click here. It's only $5 and has 31 recipes for lots of yummy treats to make.

Chocolate chip cookie bars

Which are your favourite cookies? Do you think you'll try them as bars? Do tell!

Chocolate chip cookie bars

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