8 May 2013

Chicken wire basket tutorial

I've been wanting to make a chicken wire basket since we bought chicken wire for the original chicken run and had some left over. While shopping at a charity shop the other day I spotted this monstrosity and knew it would be the perfect base:

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial01_zps65ced695.jpg

I don't even know what it was supposed to be. Maybe it held pot-pourri at one point? Who knows.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial02_zpsbf26e399.jpg

I started pulling it apart. The padded rim was glued onto the painted wire frame.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial03_zps5ecf52ed.jpg

When it was all removed there were fibres and glue left behind.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial04_zps43736355.jpg

I also wanted to rid the frame of the cream paint. I decided to stick the frame into a hot oven, thinking of how heat guns are sometimes used to strip paint.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial05_zps9640d213.jpg

I didn't leave it in too long as the fumes were awful. Unfortunately, the paint wasn't affected at all but the glue melted off.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial06_zpsfc7640b3.jpg

Grant came up with the idea of putting it into the fireplace when we had the fire going. That did the trick!

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial07_zps1da1738d.jpg

As you can see, all of the paint charred off.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial08_zps8cb0f7ba.jpg

I sanded the metal with some sandpaper and rinsed the frame. Then it was ready for the next step.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial09_zpsd959cc90.jpg

The chicken wire we have is the large hole variety. I would have preferred smaller holes but I wanted to use what we had rather than buy a whole new roll.

I laid the frame onto a piece of chicken wire ...

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial10_zps497ae303.jpg

I then used wire cutters to trim the wire slightly larger than the base of the frame.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial11_zps4df90886.jpg

I placed the cut piece inside the frame as I wanted the cross pieces underneath to help provide support to the contents of the basket.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial12_zps351e2fdd.jpg

Then I used my jewellery pliers to twist the chicken wire onto the frame, making sure to smooth the sharp edges well.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial13_zps4133652a.jpg

Here is the finished base.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial14_zps26954019.jpg

I repeated the procedure with each panel of the sides.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial15_zpsd7510f85.jpg

Want to see the finished basket? Here you go! It can be used to store apples ...

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial16_zps9d8149d9.jpg

... or eggs ...

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial17_zps9b57e605.jpg

... or onions. I have it sitting on the counter full of onions right now.

 photo chickenwirebaskettutorial18_zps8e5221f3.jpg

I think it would also be cute on a bathroom counter with rolled washcloths in, or draped with a napkin and filled with fresh bread rolls. Whatever it's used for, I like the rustic almost vintage look and the fact that it's one-of-a-kind :) What would you fill it with?

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