12 June 2013

Noah's road quilt

I finished a quilt! I am so excited. I have had four on the go so it's really satisfying to finally complete one. This is Noah's quilt.

 photo Noahroadquilt07_zps45159742.jpg

It measures 147cm (4'10") wide and 244cm (8') long. Why so long? I have no idea. It is a mystery and puzzles me. I could have left of one or even two rows and it would have been plenty long enough; I have no clue why I made it as long as I did! But with quilts I always say rather too big than too small.

Here is the back:

 photo Noahroadquilt08_zps5c4596f3.jpg

The back has little cars appliqued on the single road running from top to bottom.

 photo Noahroadquilt11_zpsd30efce3.jpg

The grey sashing is hand-quilted so that it looks like lines on a road:

 photo Noahroadquilt09_zps8595fd22.jpg

The quilt is bound in cornflour blue - Noah chose blue because he said it was like the sea around the roads and blocks, making it like an island.

 photo Noahroadquilt10_zps1ec31dcd.jpg

The fabric squares represent different things you might see in a bird's-eye view of a town. We have fields of grass, flowers and shrubs:

 photo Noahroadquilt12_zpsfa6bc593.jpg

There are some squares of paving:

 photo Noahroadquilt13_zps2320a1b6.jpg

We also have roofs:

 photo Noahroadquilt14_zpsef3b14fa.jpg

Of course there are building sites, racetracks and traffic jams:

 photo Noahroadquilt15_zps5a3a9c75.jpg

You'll also find dirt, mud and sand. Noah decided that the polka dotted yellow looked like sand with white shells on it, and the white is like white sand with bird tracks:

 photo Noahroadquilt16_zpsc363d20e.jpg

We also have swimming pools and ponds:

 photo Noahroadquilt17_zps4a630c6d.jpg

Lastly, I have a label in the bottom right corner of the back:

 photo Noahroadquilt18_zpsf86a184b.jpg

Hooray for completed projects!

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