14 June 2013

Quilt details

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post!

I wanted to share a few more details about Noah's quilt and how I put it together, for those who are interested.

The patterned fabric blocks are each 8 inch squares and I pieced them into strips with grey bars between them, then pieced the strips together with grey strips between:

 photo Noahroadquilt01_zps39672290.jpg

When basting the quilt I puzzled over how I was going to get the road at the back to line up properly with a road at the front. This was important because of the hand-stitching that was so visible. First, I made the road at the back wider than the ones in front, which would help disguise a slight discrepency. Then I laid out some plastic train tracks of Noah's and used a wooden board to ensure they were pretty straight:

 photo Noahroadquilt02_zps9feddc47.jpg

I laid the back of the quilt over the tracks, lining the road up with them, and taped the fabric to the carpet with masking tape.

 photo Noahroadquilt03_zpsb7616260.jpg

I added the batting.

 photo Noahroadquilt04_zps96cd59dc.jpg

Then I rolled the quilt top over the batting.

 photo Noahroadquilt05_zps6ddb9b88.jpg

As I rolled the top down I felt for the plastic tracks and made sure to keep the road in line with the tracks.

 photo Noahroadquilt06_zps1492456f.jpg

It didn't work perfectly - the stitched centre line is a bit off-centre in some places as you can see in this picture:

 photo Noahroadquilt11_zpsd30efce3.jpg

But overall it worked pretty well.

I basted the quilt with safety pins. I first quilted the line that ran through the road at the back, then did the shorter lines, then the rest of the long lines. My stitches aren't perfectly uniform but I'm okay with that - isn't that the point of hand-made - it's not perfect?

 photo Noahroadquilt7_zpsa840e0b7.jpg

And lastly, some photos of Noah enjoying his quilt.

 photo Noahroadquilt8_zps5962b8c6.jpg

He currently has it laid out in the playroom - he is using it as a car mat! Please excuse the mismatched pyjamas and hole in the knee - we're just not that fancy around here.

 photo Noahroadquilt9_zps39f08f71.jpg

 photo Noahroadquilt6_zpsaf227b07.jpg

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  1. What a super talented Mummy you are!! Absolutely love Noah's quilt, as does he by the look of him :D Loving the pj look too!! xxx

  2. Absolutely genius! I'd never have thought of that. I'd have been there with metre rulers, tape measures, family members...! :-) I know you told us the measurements yesterday, but it was only when I say Noah lay on it that I appreciated how big it was! He's going to get so much fun from the quilt. :-)
    And the pyjamas.... You mean some people have matching sets? ;-)

  3. I love this! He's going to love it for years and take it with him for his own sons to enjoy.

  4. wow this is awesome! What a wonderful quilt! It will no doubt be treasured for many many many years!


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