17 June 2013

The beach in winter

Although it's winter here we aren't locked into icy weather for months on end like we were in the UK. In fact, the weather today was very pleasant - 18 degrees and sunny. We had similar weather last week Saturday and decided to go to Karioitahi beach. We chose that beach as we can take the car onto the sand, find a pretty much deserted spot and Noah can "drive" (Grant does the peddles and Noah steers). He LOVES this!

 photo karioitahibeachinjune01_zps5f32f704.jpg

I took a walk down the beach while they were doing that, and climbed up onto some rocks. I sat there in the sunshine for a while, hurting something fierce as I desperately missed special people left behind in England. Although it's been almost two years sometimes the pain is so sharp and fresh it feels like it hasn't dulled with time at all.

 photo karioitahibeachinjune03_zps40cf86e7.jpg

 photo karioitahibeachinjune02_zps187cd0ad.jpg

 photo karioitahibeachinjune04_zpsc1209a83.jpg

 photo karioitahibeachinjune05_zpsb5599af6.jpg

It was pretty sheltered where I sat but just offshore there was a stiff breeze pushing spray off the tops of each wave.

 photo karioitahibeachinjune06_zps6478a372.jpg

After a while Grant wandered along to find me.

 photo karioitahibeachinjune07_zpsb72b9001.jpg

We went back to the car together, where the boys stripped off and changed into swimsuits and played at the edge of the water. This is winter, remember!

 photo karioitahibeachinjune08_zps27679cfa.jpg

 photo karioitahibeachinjune09_zps9c3327ae.jpg

 photo karioitahibeachinjune10_zpsa804e880.jpg

 photo karioitahibeachinjune11_zpse159763c.jpg

After a little more driving we headed home, buying pies and chips as a treat on the way home. We ate them on the trampoline, soaking up the last of the sunshine.

 photo karioitahibeachinjune12_zps70ba184c.jpg

Although I still get homesick and still grieve for the people I've lost to distance, I feel so blessed to live here. I just wish the ache of missing elements of my old life would fade.

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