18 July 2013

Rainbow quilt

I noticed that my scraps that were accumulating were beautiful, bright rainbow colours. I decided to use them to make a quilt. The white fabric was a thrifted high-quality sheet and the grey was left over from Noah's quilt. The rest of the fabric was from my stash, so this quilt cost me nothing (okay, I did buy two fat eighths but only used a little from each).

 photo rainbowquilt01_zps6a311538.jpg

The back is blue and white pieced together with tiny scrap-using blocks.

 photo rainbowquilt02_zpsf1bfedae.jpg

I quilted it myself with wavy lines.

 photo rainbowquilt03_zpsfcf0ec2e.jpg

 photo rainbowquilt04_zpsfe6f8817.jpg

 photo rainbowquilt07_zpsd71a07e5.jpg

The binding is red ...

 photo rainbowquilt08_zps82a13e7d.jpg

... with a patch of blue and a patch of yellow, for interest.

 photo rainbowquilt05_zpsdfdaff08.jpg

 photo rainbowquilt06_zpsa8ff47f3.jpg

And, of course, my standard embroidered label.

 photo rainbowquilt09_zps06c691fd.jpg

So pleased to have another quilt in our collection - it's already been in use due to the cold weather.

 photo rainbowquilt10_zps93b9ed1a.jpg

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  1. Oh Jen WOW WOW WOW I love it

  2. Gorgeous! Well done you - so pretty and happy!

  3. Oh, how beautiful! I adore it! I'd want it for myself! Your family is very lucky :)

  4. Another beautiful creation. xxx

  5. So pretty and cheerful. Very well done.

  6. What a clever, pretty way to use your bright stash of fabric. I love the little rainbow dashes of fabric and how they are similar, but slightly different.

    By the way, I would be interested to know how you wash your quilts. We just recently bought a vintage quilt from the 1950s or 60s and I don't quite know how to clean it so I feel I would want to use it. I would love some suggestions.

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I just wash my quilts in a cool wash and hang them to dry. I don't know about washing vintage quilts, though! I'd ask at a quilt store, they should be more knowledgeable there.

  7. Jen, it's flipping fantastic! If I were in front of you right now I would be genuflecting while singing your name in awe.

  8. Love this! It's by far the best one yet!


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