24 August 2013

10 random facts about me

1 - I hate the phone with a burning passion of a thousand suns. I don't even answer our home phone - ever. I figure if it's important enough they'll leave a message. I don't like to give out my cellphone number unless I'm sure the person will text rather than call. Please don't ever phone me!

 photo 98049a1d035b9cbea8c1e70910efa797_zps53404aef.jpg

2 - I shave my legs every day, winter and summer.

 photo shave_zps27e15034.jpg

3 - I have to have water to drink when I'm eating chocolate, and milk to drink while I'm eating chocolate cake.

 photo chocolate_zpsa3801eb5.jpg

4 - I can reach all of my back and never have to ask anyone to scratch an itch for me, or scratch it against other things. I can just use my own nails.

 photo scratch_zps51846c7b.jpg

5 - I taught myself to read before I went to school.

 photo read_zpsded1ab17.jpg

6 - I only had two wisdom teeth on the bottom, none at the top, but they were both impacted and growing horizontally instead of vertically.

 photo wisdomtooth_zps87fcfd7d.jpg

7 - I have to lie on my front to fall asleep - if I try to fall sleep while lying on my back I feel like I'm falling. If I manage to fall asleep on my side I will wake up after 20 minutes. I even somehow managed to sleep on my front the whole way through both pregnancies!

 photo sleep_zpsd5577844.jpg

8 - My first job was selling T-shirts from a kiosk in a mall (The Waterfront in Cape Town).

 photo retail_zps6642c7fb.jpg

9 - My feet are wide at the front and I have very narrow heels, which makes buying shoes tricky. Yes, they are like flippers. This is why all of my shoes have a strap over the front - my narrow heels mean I walk out of shoes that don't have a strap.

 photo shoes_zps7dc03beb.jpg

10 - When people say "cray" or "cray-cray" I die a little bit inside.

  photo cray_zpsc07c0c30.jpg

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