18 August 2013

Doris's eggs

Doris (our blue-laced red Wyandotte) is laying once a day now but her eggs vary in appearance. They are beige in colour, but sometimes they have purple speckles (I know they look brown here, but they are purple in real life) ...

 photo doriseggs2_zps44530add.jpg

... and sometimes they have pale lavender speckles!

 photo doriseggs1_zps851d8179.jpg

Marble (gold-laced Barnevelder) lays brown eggs with darker brown speckles.

 photo marbleeggs_zps7d645532.jpg

Tulip (gold-laced white Wyandotte) lays ivory eggs.

 photo tulipeggs_zpsa85b5657.jpg

 Kiki still isn't laying. First she was delayed by poultry lice, and then she had gapeworm! We think she is all sorted out now so hopefully she'll begin laying soon.

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