1 September 2013

I have a craft room!

The boys haven't been using their playroom much, mainly because it's been cold, this house is uninsulated (well, it was - the landlord has just had it done) and we tend to only heat the kitchen / dining room and shut the doors to keep the warmth in. So they come and play there, neglecting their playroom.

Eventually, after I had to get out my sewing machine, set it up, use it for a small repair job, and pack it away again so we could use the dinner table, I got fed up and decided that I needed a playroom more than they did.

So we moved the boys' beds into the playroom so now it is their bedroom as well. They have about the same amount of play space as before, but they sleep there too. And I claimed their old bedroom for my craft room. I'll post pics of the boys' room soon, but in the meantime here is my craft room. I still need to fill it, organise it and make it cute.

Here is how it looked when it was their bedroom (and here is the full post with more photos):

 photo boysbedroom01.jpg

 photo boysbedroom03.jpg

Here is how it looks now:

 photo craftroom01_zps4226d2a5.jpg

 photo craftroom02_zps1b0a8b7c.jpg

The table fits perfectly in the window alcove.

 photo craftroom03_zps00e7d050.jpg

I love being able to leave my sewing machine set up and plugged in!

 photo craftroom04_zps21a3ba6e.jpg

 photo craftroom05_zps539cea0c.jpg

 photo craftroom06_zps20ed9c7a.jpg

A lovely sunny spot to craft ...

 photo craftroom07_zpsbe989972.jpg

... with lovely views - and I can watch my girlies!

 photo craftroom08_zps00e14829.jpg

 photo craftroom09_zps5f5cfe82.jpg

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